Excavating Services

Construction of Rock Walls
What can an excavator do for you?

Hagel Contracting offers professional excavating services to developers and general contractors throughout Victoria BC. We work with our customers to provide efficient and practical solutions on commercial and residential projects. Flexible, dynamic, and efficient Hagel contracting will ensure that the goals of our customers are met on schedule and within budget.  We provide customer service that matches the integrity of our work. Whether its small scale demolition, or large scale construction you can expect the same professionalism and dependability our customers have come to expect. We hope to hear from you soon and arrange a proposal at your leisure.

Excavating Services

  • Bobcat Services: Snow clearing, hauling and placement of gravel or dirt, small scale grading and landscaping.
  • Large and small scale excavation of trenches for the installation of pipes, sewer, or electrical
  • Grading and leveling of terrain for the preparation of pavement, landscaping, or other construction
  • Demolition and removal of old concrete, pavement or infrastructure
  • Removal of unwanted structures like large trees, shrubs, and decrepit buildings and fencing.
  • Excavation work for the preparation and installation of concrete form work and foundations
  • Transportation, placement and or removal of large aggregates

Beyond Excavating

  • Construct entire rock walls composed of large aggregates for a custom and professional look on your commercial project
  • Drastically reduce the cost of your project by powering through labor intensive work with ease
  • Precise demolition for discrete installations
  • Large scale demolitions and waste removal for difficult projects
  • Improve the appearance and efficiency of your site
  • Clear out snow from your driveway during the winter season
  • Help you out with those heavy duty landscaping jobs that seem just beyond your reach